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Our Brands

The Bridge Public Relations

The BRIDGE Public Relations is a global media firm combing marketing, communications, and consultancy for entertainers, consumer brands, and television programs.
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The Bridge Productions

The BRIDGE Productions produces a wide array of professional video and television projects varying in format from interview style shows to documentaries.

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The Bridge Management

The BRIDGE Management works with some serious entertainment talent including both emerging and established recording artists, record producers, and songwriters. Read More

The IMC Magazine

The IMC Magazine was established in 2013 after the resounding success of the International Music Conference, held annually in Atlanta, GA. Simply put, the IMC Magazine is a stylish online publication, offering unique flair to the global entertainment biz. Read More

The International Music Conference

The International Music Conference is the main music event to encapsulate the new music industry worldwide. It is the best place to create, communicate and participate in the global multi-billion dollar music industry forum. Read More